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Army reserve training in Kenora

Master Bombardier Lynn Danielson says the public should not be alarmed, as troops march through Kenora on Saturday.

"We want to tell the public not to be alarmed. The weapons are not loaded, there''s no ammunition in them. We could ask the public to just give us a little honk to persuade the troops to keep on going," she said.

She says the 13 kilometre march is more than just "Anadrol 50" a walk, noting they''re carrying 50 pounds of equipment for the duration of the exercise. She says it can become very intense, especially in the last stretch.

"The last few kilometres up the hill to the armoury is the hardest because it''s way uphill. By that time a lot of people, including myself, have huge blisters that have ripped and bled into the boots, so you''re in quite a painful state," she said.

Once arriving at the armouries, participants must take part in a casualty carry, where they pull someone of at least equal weight across the parade square five times. Due to the extreme physical challenge presented by the training, Danielson says they have seen some of the new privates have to stop taking part in the exercise. Danielson says the troops have various ways to mentally endure the challenge.

"Everybody has their own way to do it. I always consider that my daughter is Testosterone Cypionate Steroid in trouble and I need to get to her. As a mother, nothing is going to stop me from getting to my goal. For everybody else it''s different. If someone really likes food, they think of a cheeseburger or something. It''s whatever gets you through that wall "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" and helps you finish, that''s it," she said.

This could be the last year for the annual training exercise, as the military switches to a total body fitness training exercise.

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